Our Story

Our Story~ So lets go back to the fall of 2004.  In a quest to find new antique stores, we drove from Tinley Park to Manteno IL.  When we exited the highway in Manteno, I remember the way the trees lined the streets and how my heart jumped when i first saw this magnificent house!  It was so majestic in the way it towered above the trees.
Well, we did our shopping in town and when leaving, we drove past the house one more time thinking "how lucky to be the person who lives in that home!" A year pasted and we decided to sell our townhouse and own an older piece of history.  At this point, I had forgotten about our Manteno dreamhouse, so we started the search for other Victorian homes.  After months of no success, I found one!  The next day we were up at 8am on our way to Manteno.  As we got off the interstate, I couldn’t shake the feeling of Déjà vu.  I knew I had seen this same tree-lined street.  Then it hit me!   I looked at Dave and said “Dave, do you think it's “THE house?”  Then I saw it.  My heart stopped.  IT WAS THE HOUSE.... my perfect house... my perfect vision of Victorian Elegance! Five days later we had a contract on the house and the day after Christmas we moved in making this the best Christmas gift ever!!!