The Library

"A simple spot to sit and read is all that I will ever need" ~ Shannon
How many houses have a library?  As a huge reader, I feel like this house was built for me. In the beginning, this room was pretty basic - white walls and woodwork but a cool wood floor where the floorboards swirled towards the center of the room.
This isn't a very good picture of the library.  It is, however, a good picture of the pocket doors leading into the library.  You can see the white woodwork and a little of the floors.

This shows the finished library.  I did something very unexpected of me in this room - I left the floors as they were. All the years of wear and tear grew on me and I fell in love with all the imperfections. I did, however, put down a rug.  Sometimes I like to lay on the floor and read.

We painted this room a rich brown color to offset the woodwork.

Books, books, books and not enough hours in the day to read them.
We may do more to this room. I'd like to add stained glass windows and do some plaster work on the ceiling, but I think I need to do a little more research first.

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