The Dinning Room

The Dinning room has a few really cool old house elements. It has access to the second floor and the kitchen, it has a beautiful set of pocket doors and it "had" a built in china cabinet that contained a pass through server that opened to the kitchen. This was removed when the kitchen remodel happened in the 60's but the evidence of this still remains if you are really looking for it.
When we moved in there was this green printed linoleum floor and matching mint green walls. What you cannot see from these pictures is below the chair rail id a intricately patterned and textured wallpaper that is original to the house, We realized this when we found remnants of it on the third floor, turns out it was originally a shade of brown. So to start this room first that ugly light had to go ..... Dave started ripping up the linoleum floor and the sub-flooring, again they just nailed it to the hardwood floor so a lot of repairs will be done on this one. This is a semi-after picture, i chose to paint the room a richer shade of green to bring out the woodwork and make the texture of that wallpaper stand out. The floor is uncovered and waiting until the construction in the kitchen is over ( hence the piles of drywall)
A cleaner version of this room

So i wasnt really loving the green, so we painted! and i took some great pictures and framed them for artwork....loving it now!
****** Stay tuned for more progress in this room******

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