The Foyer & Grand Staircase

The foyer is the first area you see when you walk in the front door. It gives the impression for the whole house, so it needed the Royal treatment.
We started by peeling off the wallpaper and when i say peeling, i mean it. It came down in full sheets as if right off the roll (don't worry mom i saved a piece for archiving).
 Then my professional painter, AKA Dave, started patching plaster. We repaired the walls and prepared to paint.
It was an awkward space to work. The staircase went up 3 floors so Dave ended up dangerously balancing on uneven ladders to trim the very top. Then, our wallpaper designer came to hang our reproduction Victorian wallpaper. This woman was amazing! The wallpaper was seamlesss.  For anyone interested in her contacting her, see "Special Thanks"And it's done!

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