Special Thanks

Special thanks to all who helped make our home what it is today!

Claudia from Stick it to your Walls - Orland Park, IL
     You are an amazing lady with unexplainable talent!  Thank you for making beauty from the most dreading  decorating task.

George Aaiden from Aaiden Contracting - Orland Park, IL
     You are a mircle worker! Thank you for dealing me asking for things that were not possible, but still finding a way to make it happen.

Chris Leer - Beecher, IL
     Thank you for helping transform our interior. Sometimes, I think you are more our contractor then our friend.

Mark Huffman (My Dad) - Suring, WI
      Thank you for transforming our unused third floor into my favorite place in the house.

Elder Valdez & Elder Kearl-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
      When these two came walking into our yard one day and asked if they could help i was shocked but when they came back again a couple days later i was floored. Now i consider them friends and look forward to spending the summer with them
Thank you guys for just making the work we are putting into our house more fun, its great to spend time with two amazing and selfless people

My deep gratitude goes out to all who helped with the research the House's History;
  • The Geneological Department at the Kankakee library - Kankakee, IL
  • The County Deeds Office - Kankakee, IL
  • John Tamblyn - Wilmington, IL 
  • Ron and Jamie Bachus - Manteno, IL
  • Maggie Gorman - Manteno, IL
  • William Powers - Limestone, IL

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