The Garden

My "Not So Secret" Garden

   I've always loved gardening and this year is all about outside projects.  What started as a 6x6 box turned into an 11 raised bed garden.  It's so overwhelming and I love it!

Until now my veggie garden has been a small space in the back corner of the yard.

BUT NOW!!!!!!

We've done a little work.

Dave built each box and painted them white.  I like the raised beds because they look organized.

We laid out some landscaping fabric and added gravel to make the paths neat and clean.

Dave dug all the fence posts by hand......
(willingly, i promise!)

The cross sections were Dave's genius money saving idea. 
My hubby is so smart!

Then the best part... the pickets!!!!  Aren't they just so darn cute? I have always wanted a picket fence.

What old fashioned girl doesn't?

I hand painted the words on each box.
 CUTE, right?!!!

This Garden is a place to relax, marvel at the flowers, and listen to the birds. 

Here is the garden at the end of August after having harvested and canned tons of
veggies and berries.

After discovering that the original owner, Olivene Senesac, was an avid gardener and had a tremendous Flower and vegtable garden, I cant help but wonder how many other things she and I would have had in common if she was alive today.

Stay tuned for a updates in the Garden!!!!

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