The Powder Room

Boy oh boy, the downstairs Bathroom
Okay, projects around this house have went fast and some slow, but I think this one takes the cake! It took almost 2 years becuase it was the project we started and then forgot about.

At first glance, this bathroom wasn't that bad.  Sure it has a kitchen sink in it and flooring on the walls, but at least it wasn't a weird color. The day we closed on the house we went home and decided what room would be the first Demolition. This bathroom won. Dave started by gutting the room. He removed everything but the kitchen sink....oh wait that went too.

Boy, was that a story!  Dave was under the cabinet unhooking all the plumbing and pulling everything out, then he stood up and pulled off the metal strip that lined the sink and the whole thing came crashing down, exactly where his head had just been (you can see where the cast iron sink fell)!!!!

With the cabinet removed, he could now start on the floor.

He did it the old fashion way with a hammer and pry bar.... and a lot of complaining.

An empty bathroom.... to me its a blank canvas
I picked out the smallest octagon tiles I could find and Dave installed the whole floor by himself.  He was so nervous to make a mistake, so he really took his time. It paid off because it was perfect!

Just add grout and it's done !

The finished bathroom has a beautiful brown homemade color.  We chose chrome and white for accent colors. 
The pictures on the walls are actual photographs of the churches in town.  They are gorgeous!
One more room done..... whoo hooo!!!

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