The Mudroom

Our Mudroom is really our "Canine Bedroom"
I never really understood why people call it a mudroom.  Do we want this room to be dirty... I don't!!  It's more of a laundry room/dog room.

It's always been disorganized with shoes, coats, dog beds and all kinds of junk. It's the room where everything ends up!

I wanted a doggie door so the pups could come and go as they please (spoiled brats). Then we thought we needed a dark floor that wouldn't show so much dirt from the dogs.

So Dave started tiling.......

We will continue the tile into the kitchen.

We built a sitting bench over the doggie door.

I made a custom pillow for the top (washable of course!)

Finally, Dave framed out the windows.  He has really become quite the carpenter.

The cabinets in this picture were finished by my wonderful hubby to match our kitchen cabinets.  He also installed the counter tops and matching wall cabinets above.  Its so organized i could pinch myself!

 The best part is my hand-painted quotes on the wall. 

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