Pictures from the turn of the century

This very delicate photo is from 1906. It's the perfect view of this most beautiful house.

This is Olivene on the front porch.  Notice how the railings were removed.  This must have been right before they added the screened in porch.

In this photo you can see the new porch and Alexander with three of his daughters.

This is Olivene standing with Alma in front of her house on Walnut Street.

This house was located where the state hospital is standing today.  It was one of many farms the Senesacs owned and where Olivene and her family lived until moving to into town.

Olivene is holding 12 month old William Powers on the front porch steps with Alma.

This is William on his first Communion with his Aunt Olivene and Alma.

This picture shows a hedge in front of the house.

Olivene and Alma are standing with the priest from the St. Josephs Catholic church and three nuns that stayed with her in the house.

Olivene and Alma are in "riding cloths."

This is an unknown group in front of the house.

Here is Olivene in her early 20's.

Here is Olivene (center) with her brother Dr John Senesac and two unknown sisters.

Olivene won this car and poses in it with family.

Olivene was featured in the newspaper for her cactus she had for 60 years.
Bill brought me a section of this plant which I have growing in the same window she kept it in 50 years ago.

This is Olivene's Baptism record from 1882.

Here is another Certificate.

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Carol B.C. Honkanen said...

That's impressive, that you found these old photos and got the information. I'm curious if you found them in the library? Or, if you are in touch with family members of the original owners? This makes it REALLY fun to follow!!!